Time for a New Blueprint

Peter West
January 18, 2024

🕒 Picture This: A Day in the Life of QA Management

Rushing against time, limited resources, a constant judgement call between time and quality, and scrutinizing solutions that seem all too similar. Welcome to a day in the life managing a QA team.

🛠 The Challenge: Understaffed and Underfunded

Testing is chronically understaffed and underfunded. Even then, it’s not about moving faster or even throwing more people at the problem, but rather, finding a methodology that allows for efficient and effective testing. Without change, no matter how many people you put in the process, you’ll still end up with delayed releases and an inability to confidently release quality code.

🔄 Industry Solutions: Different Shades of the Same Color

Enter stage: industry solutions. A buffet of options that, upon closer inspection, reveal themselves as varying shades of the same color. To solve the problem we need to innovate instead of replicate - selenium variants don’t cut it anymore (yes, I’m looking at you Testim, Mabl, Cypress, etc.). Think about it. We live in an era where technology is growing at an exponential rate. Yet, the tools that we employ for testing are variations of the same solution. Scripted automation, codeless/no code automation, etc. an engineer still writes and maintains the tests rather than focusing on more creative tasks. They're not solving the problem; they're merely plastering over the cracks.

🎯 The Role of Engineers: More Than Just Maintenance

Engineers are still stuck writing and maintaining tests just to make sure we didn’t break something - again. That’s not what a Quality Engineer’s role should be, nor where a developer should spend their time.

🔍 The Takeaway: Time for a New Blueprint

We need to change the narrative and design a new blueprint for testing. The solution to these problems requires us to apply cutting edge technologies, including AI, in ways that aren’t just sideshows to the core work being done, and instead do the work for us so engineers can focus on being engineers, not on fixing the same tests over and over again.

🚀 Join the Conversation

That’s our goal at Qualiti. How else can we transform the landscape of testing today? Would love to hear any thoughts/opinions.