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We use your real customer usage and backend telemetry to generate automated tests with AI.

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Seamless integration with tools you use

Testing has its problems, but Qualiti is ready to solve them all.


Creating and maintaining automated tests and frameworks is a full-time job.

Qualiti makes it easy to organize and edit tests for people of any skill level - no coding required. Tests are automatically grouped to easily understand what went wrong.

Regression testing takes too long

As you add more to each product, the testing surface gets bigger, but slows everything down.

Qualiti will detect new changes in your products and automatically create tests to cover them. Want to see how much of your product is covered? Head over to our visual coverage tool and easily adjust coverage.

Deciphering results is time-consuming

Analyzing test results, especially from unstable tests, slows down development.

Qualiti provides detailed trace views through Playwright for every test result to make triaging easier. This allows you to see the UI, network calls, and much more.

Difficult to measure test coverage

Understanding test coverage is crucial, but few know how to define and measure this.

Qualiti uses your real customer usage, along with intelligent AI to determine what needs to be covered. Metrics are provided to show test coverage and gaps.

Tests not connected to CI/CD pipeline

Home grown solutions require that you create your own integrations which takes time.

Qualiti natively integrates with popular tools like GitHub and Jira with a click of a button. It also has an API with common objects that make it easy to integrate with a CI or Reporting tool.


This is like a quantum leap in QA land. I’ve been in QA for 20+ years, and this is amazing.

Intrigued? Check out just how easy it is to use.

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