The AI Era

Peter West
December 5, 2023

Small, easily accessible AI feels like the springboard to leap into an era where all devices are genuinely 'smart'. It's reminiscent of the early 2000s—back when putting Zelda on a USB stick to play on any computer seemed like the coolest use of tech! 😂

But seriously, imagine your HVAC system communicating with the internet, your security system, calendar, email, fridge, and pantry. It could recognize when family members are ill, note the chilly weather, and realize you'll be home more, suggesting a temperature adjustment for comfort. Meanwhile, your fridge is already ordering noodle soup, and your in-home robot is preparing hot chocolate in between doing laundry and cleaning dog bowls.

It raises intriguing questions about software/hardware interaction. When a device can 'think' for itself, how do we ensure it's functioning correctly? Simple inquiries might not suffice due to potential AI hallucinations. Will testing software and hardware integrations evolve into a mix of traditional methods and LLM/AI evaluations?