Stop Relying on Hope

Peter West
December 14, 2023

I feel like there is too much "hope" in software releases - hope the deploy goes well 🀞, that there are no bugs πŸ› in features, and that there are no major system issues 🚨.

I once worked with a company that legitimately measured their releases by the number of angry customer calls they got 😰. They always hoped for no bugs, but lacked the tools they needed to actually ensure that was the case.

Shallow testing often happens due to resource, tool, and time constraints ⏱️. We need better systems to not rely on hope. As one of our team members likes to remind us, "Hope is not a strategy." AI is the solution that engineers need so they can release and not just hope for a good outcome.

I know a lot of the early "AI" tools left people feeling burned, but the technology has matured to the point where it can finally be the solution to the time and resources problem.