Shaped by Training Data

Peter West
December 21, 2023

Will the future just be an echo Chamber of 2010-2023?

📚 AI and Past Data: LLMs are trained on data that is primarily from that period, especially data from first-world countries. Even historical content is often contextualized through the lens of this era's web commentary.

🌐 AI's Growing Role in Content: From 2023 onward, AI will be increasingly used in content generation, editing, etc. such that most potential new data will be heavily influenced by AI. If the vast majority of content leverages AI for content generation, will it just reinforce the training data from 2010-2023?

💭 A Pivotal Era? Does that make 2010-2023 the most important ideological period in human history? Will our future be continuously molded by the ideologies of these years, even generations down the line?

🧠 Human Influence vs. AI Tools: Maybe I am assuming humans are lazier than we are and we won’t actually rely on the tools of least resistance, but even then, education is going to be heavily influenced by AI, so even purely human-generated ideas will be biased by that same training data.

🍽️ Food for Thought: Are we destined to live in a world shaped by the ideas of a specific era, or will human creativity break the cycle?